Monday, September 22, 2014

Never regret or forget

Ahh, what a great time to be a missionary! I love it!
Boy was this week a winner! We had an excellent week! We were able to teach a lot of people and find more to teach! thats key; to find more people to teach even when your teaching a lot.  we had a lot of fun doing some service for a lady in our ward. her patio roof was rotten and caving in so we tore it down last week. this weekend we build up a new one. We had a good time doing that. She was very grateful. 
we had a very uplifting and inspiring meeting with President Salisbury  this last thursday. The theme was "ponder the possibilities". Something that i really enjoyed was he pointed out that EVERY decision and action either brings us closer to Christ or dosent. And how we should ponder the possibilities with every decision. This weekend we also had darrel and Jennifer come to church!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It was such a miracle and blessing!! Jennifer is on date to be baptized on oct. 11!! Im confident shell make it! They stayed for the 3 hour block and said they had a great time! Sister Sandy Mcrady really took Jennifer under her wing and helped her feel very welcome in relief society! It was great. 
We were walking a lot this week cause we are low on miles. As we were walking, a lot of people honked and waved at us. Its always nice to have people support us in that little way. As we were walking a less active lady in our ward pulled over and was talking to us. She invited us to join their family at dinner at this good Mexican restaurant! it was awesome! it was karaoke night at the bar upstairs so we got a good laugh out of that. Last night for dinner we had Venice! (Deer). The Heller family gave us some, we cooked it up and it wasent bad! 
If you havent heard about the Meet The Mormons movie, look it up on! It should be a really good one! It will get a lot of people asking questions and see that we as mormons are normal people. It should be coming to theaters if it gets enough popularity so spread the word! 
Love yall! I love being a missionary. If you are questioning going on a mission, stop, and just go. its something youll never regret or forget.
Love Elder Johnson

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