Monday, September 15, 2014

We have what they're looking for

got my new missionary!! his name is Elder Brenchley! hes a fireball, ready to work! had a great first few days with him. We had, yet again, people come to us and ask us what we're all about. its really cool because you can tell these people have a sincere desire, looking for truth. And we have what they are looking for! Well i took Elder Brenchley tracting and the coolest thing happened! the very first door we knock on is this women who asked who were were, told her and she let us right in! She was really nice and kept telling us that we were godly men and that women like that. She said "next time yall come over, we will eat, praise Jesus and glory in His word. We will sup together!" hahahah she was a great. she wants to come to church! her name is Ms. W Johnson.
  We were able to go out to the Shresberys home and the Johnsons home for dinner this weekend!! they live about an hour out from our house so we havent been able to get out. We went to the Shrewsberys for a cook out for their sons birthday. That was a lot of fun! got to talk to some non-members! Dinner at sister Johnsons home was so much fun! sister Mcgrady (Sister Johnsons sister) drove us out with Ryan young. Sister young and Allison came along to. We were all laughing, and having a good time! "supping together" as Ms W would say hahaha. The members are so good to us. I enjoy the Beckley ward very much. Our investigators are doing well. Jennifer wasent able to make it to church :(   We're going to see them tonight. 
  We have specialized training this week! that should be fun! Go up to Charleston. Its always a nice drive. I sure love this work. Being a missionary is so rewarding. This is Gods work and i have the honor of representing His Son, Jesus Christ. How great is my calling! thanks for the support and prayers, yall are the best and i love you.

Love Elder Johnson

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