Monday, September 29, 2014

Wild wonderful West Virginia!

Wild wonderful West Virginia! home of the mountaineers! Theres no place like it. Maybe thats why my cool cousin Ethan is on a team named after this place! 
well today, 8 months ago i embarked on this mission! its gone by really fast! We had a wild and wonderful week this week. Met a lot of really nice, and some not so receptive people. There was a man that talked to us at the beginning of this week. He went off talking about our sacred doctrine and mocking it. he didnt give us a chance to talk so we walked away when he was done. the spirit was gone and i felt really angry, and confused at how someone could be so inconsiderate. As i thought about it and prayed, i was able to feel calm. it really strengthened my testimony. i know that what we believe is true and no angry old man, nobody can take away that i know this gospel is true. 
  We went to this buffet called Ryans. Its an awesome place! as we were eating a manager guy comes up to us and starts asking where we're from. at first i was thinking we were getting in trouble. but he started talking with mormon lingo so we understood. He ended up giving us each 2 free meal passes!! so we can go back and eat 2 times for free!!!!! pretty cool. Something else cool that happened, that my Father will probably will be proud/happy about; we were tracting a street and there were these teenagers playing basketball. Elder Brenchley made a deal with them. If we beat them then they had to go on We ended up beating them (i scoring the winning basket ) It was really fun to be able to play some basketball and share the gospel while doing it. 
  Saturday, Shady Spring High had their homecoming parade. We went to that and sat with the Mcgradys. It was a lot of fun sitting with Sister Mcgrady and her daughter cuz everyone knows them and they made it a lot of fun cheering and such. All the float were throwing out candy! it was great! talked to some people and even got someones number so we could meet with them. We met up with the Young family after. They are such an awesome family! Love them so much. They take really good care of me and my companion. We consider Sister Young our mission mom haha. Yesterday was a big faith builder, not only cuz of church but of an experience we had. We got a call from the  other Elders saying that Steven Snuffer ( a man in our ward and our area) was found unconscious in his home and is now in the hospital. We figured something was wrong when he didnt answer our phone calls the other day. He always answers. We found out he had fallen at 5 am Saturday morning and couldnt get to the phone. he might have had another stroke. he wasent sound until after  church at 2pm the next day. his dog laid on him all night to keep him warm and alerted the people that went to go see him. We saw him with the hellers (his home teacher) to give him a blessing. When we walked in his hospital room he asked if we were there to play pool. We got over to his house and play pool with him sometimes, its awesome. we said we were there to give a blessing and he was very thankful. It was hard to understand him but the spirit was defiantly there. Elder Brenchley annointed the oil, it was his first time. it was a powerful experience. Im grateful for the power of the priesthood and know its real. Thanks for the support! Love yall very much.until next week  
Elder Johnson 

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