Monday, July 7, 2014

Two Trips to the ER and I'm Charleston Bound

this week has been really crazy plus it got even more crazy just todayi went to the ER  twice this week cuz i got cellulitus on my leg pretty bad. i talked to the mission nurse and mission dr. They are both taking really good care of me and making sure im ok. NOO NEED TO WORRY    Ive been taking meds that should get rid of it. It started as poison ivy/oak and just spread really fast. it just itches, other than that im totally fine so please dont be worried or stress. The mission nurse calls me everyday to make sure im good.  more insane news! im leaving Lexington on thursday. President Salisbury called me about 2 hours ago and told me they really needed an Elder in Charleston and prayed and thought a  lot about it and he said that they need me. Not sure why i was picked but him and his wife and daughter are coming to get me on thursday and ill be driving with them the next day or so. Im excited and nervous. ill miss Lexington so much. again please dont freak out, im ok  It would be best to send any mail to the mission office for now   West Virginia Charleston Mission  888 Oakwood Road suite 310 Charleston West Virginia 25314-2071

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