Monday, July 21, 2014

I wanna go!
Evidence of the remodel
This week we found sooo many families to teach!!! thyer all so nice and have kids that are baptism age! 
We were walking up one of the West Virginia hills the other day and we talked to this guy who was sitting on his pouch reading. We ITLd him (Invited To Learn) and he said "ill give ya 10 minutes"   I was sop excited! we talked about the Book of Mormon and answered some questions he had about the doctrine and things hes wondered his whole life. He said he really enjoyed the visit and if we ever wanted a drink or a ride down the hill to please knock on the door and ask. It was a cool experiance! 
  I didnt really give a run down on the area. Im in Beaver West Virginia haha. Thats right, Beaver haha. Good little town. Its really green and pretty with lots of nice people. the big news in the town is that the mcdonalds is remodled and opening in a week hahaha. Gotta love dem burgers. anywho, love this work soooo much. Being a missionary is the best thing anyone could do. Grateful for the privilege to be one!   
Love yall!!
Elder Johnson
New River Gorge Beaver West Virgina.  It hardly looks real!
Ahhh so cute
One stop shopping
A beaver dam

Little Beaver State Park

I had to do it
New River Gorge Bridge.  Its the highest bridge of its kind in the world!

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