Monday, July 14, 2014

Settiling in...Beckly West Virginia

Hills around Beckly West Virginia
Downtown Beckly West Virgina

New companion is Elder Mcmullin from boise Idaho. Hes a nice guy! we've been getting along really well!! President and sister Salisbury are soooo awesome!! The cellulitus is doing a lot better. still looks gross but its not spreading. Sister Palmer (mission nurse here) has been keeping tabs on me.  The Beckley area is no HB... but its what the Lord wants me to serve in. We moved the apartments right after i got there. neighbors were pot heads and the apartment wasent nice, hard to feel the Spirit in so the mission prez told us to move immidiatly. So we moved in with the other Beckley Elders. 4 elders in a house! yes a house! we live in the basement! its really nice. 

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