Tuesday, March 18, 2014

That was a close one!

Here is a little story Elder Johnson sent to his brother, "So,I went on exchanges with my District Leader,coolest guy ever!!! He reminds me of you're friend Mike C.  Anywho, we were driving back to Pikeville but we entered the wrong address on the GPS cuz it took us up a holler, through a patch of mud, through rocks and dirt!!!  We were so lost.  It was crazy scary cuz he had to floor it through the mud or we would have gotten stuck!  We were slipping and sliding and almost went off the mountain a few times!!! We had no signal and called our companions to tell them what happened and
The hills and hollers of Pikeville Kentucky
that we were thinking we might have to camp in the car that night!  We then prayed and found our way back to the four lane a couple hours later.