Friday, April 4, 2014

Squirrel Anyone???

Elder "Soggy Bottom" Johnson fell in the mud again!
I have fallen in the mud a few times already and the other missionaries are starting to call me Elder Soggy Bottom.  At least I was in my preparation day clothes.  I was offered squirrel for a dinner appointment.  I can't wait to try it!  I NEVER say ewww or judge, or anything.  If I think something is gross, I clean my plate, say thanks, and drink lots of water hahaha :
Me and Elder Prince went on splits with president Roberts and a guy named Alex  from the branch.  I went  with Alex.  I was nervous cuz it was my first time taking the lead and running the show all by myself,  but with a prayer and faith I was able to do it.  Knowing that Heavenly Father is on my side and has his angels helping me at all times gives me a lot of confidence.   I was reading the book, Jesus the Christ the other day and found some notes in the margins written by Joseph when he was on his mission!  It was cool to think that same book went with both of us on our missions!  I've learned  a lot of things out here.  One is that money isn't everything.  People with less are always more humble, happy, and grateful to the Lord.

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