Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Flat Stanley, Hillbilly days and a pants burning!

its POURING rain today and the thunder is constant and loud! its fun!! We do tracting. We tracted up this mountain yesturday! we parked the car at the top, tracted down then walked back up! 2 miles round trip!! thats really awesome about the sweet peas! i love how you tied it into the gospel. The did apartment inspections the other day! it reminded me of when i went with you! It was a senior couple and they took us and the sisters out to lunch! then we had a flat but fixed it right up! ill send ya some pics! loveya!

The Easter Bunny Dropped off a huge box of delicious candy at my door!!! He said that you told him that i love sees ;)
Well i Forgot my satchel at the Capeners last night so i dont have any pics from this past week :( 
This week went by really fast! We went on excahnges with  the District leader, Elder Prince went with Elder Hurt and i went with Elder Rodriguez. they went to go see the Capener. when  i saw Ryker on sunday he ran up to me with a huge smile  and was like " Your back!!!!! " hahah  Me and Elder Rodriguez were in the MTC together and were in the same dorm so we were excited about that. Id say the highlight of my week was yesturday with the Capeners and it being Easter! She went all out for us! when  we got there we helped her finish up dinner then the Easter bunny had left some Easter eggs for the missionaries to find! And he made some really cool Easter baskets for us! She read us a story about the first Easter basket. Then this other family came over (the Shezzlys) theyre a non member family, friends of the Capeners We ate dinner with them and we had a lesson cuz Sarah was hoping that we'd teach them and expose them to the gosple. So we watched the Videos about Easter on the home page of Mormon channel then talked about the Atonement. It was really awesome because the spirit was really strong and the Non members were participating and their kids were to! it was so great! then Sarah gave her a Book of Mormon with her testimony in it! 
    This week was good. We met with Tammy and her son Robby. He reminds me a lot of Grant haha. Shes been struggling and dosent have a car to get to church in. Her daughter, Virgina was in  her room with her baby but came in every once and a while. Ross has been progressing really well and is trying to get his wife interested to! We havent met her yet. Sonny is really cool! We have an appointment with hm tuesday! his wife should be able to sit down with us this time. Shes been studying at UPIKE to become an RN ;) 
      We drove all the way to Elkorn to see a less active lady. The drive was amazing. All the trees are leaving and the colors of the bushes and everything is sooo beautiful! just like the pics me and mom looked up before i left. There was this abandon school with busted windows and all the doors open so of course we went in and explored! It was SUPER creepy and so awesome! we didnt go all the way through 1 cuz there was a pitch black hall way and we werent gunna go doen it cuz we didnt have a flash light and also it was time to meet with that lady. She was really nice. We shared a Mormon Message and she asked for a blessing. 
   Well i hope yall are doing good. i think about the family all the time and also members of the ward. and the Burdens. How is everyone? dont forget to send the pics of the family!!!! i wanna have them on my desk! :) OH! have you recieved my DVM thing yet!?? im itchin to drive!! Love you and dont forget to write. Love, Elder Johnson
Here is Elder Johnson, Elder Prince, and "Flat Stanley"  Cadence had to send Stanely on a trip somewhere and then make a report with pictures about his travels.  Im sure she will get an "A"


 This is a video of Elder Johnson at a "pants burning"  when a missionary hits the one year mark they burn a pair of worn out pants as a rite of passage. Glad to see he is still himself.

A Hillbilly Days parade float
"Hillbilly Days" is a big festival in Pikeville every year.  Elder Johnson was lucky enough to be there when it  was going on

Kentucky Fried chicken is taken seriously in these parts!

I guess there is some room for a word of wisdom lesson.

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