Monday, April 20, 2015

Cadence got baptized!

My beautiful baby sister got baptized this weekend. i was really glad that i was able to be help give a talk. from the reports that ive heard, it went well! thanks you everyone who helped.   We had a week of answered prayers and great things happening! plis the weather has been great!! almost like California ;) 
well, Manny and his wife Shayla who we've been working with are getting married this Saturday!!!! the relief society is super excited and is being such a huge help in helping us. We really have no knowledge of planning weddings, if it were up to us there would probably be some store bought cookies and a nice note on the chalk board haha. they are such wonderful, funny people! we always look forward when we get to meet with them. Us and Shayla were super hungry last week at church so he busted out some fruit snacks and shared with us haha. 
We got to meet with Kelly! We hadn't been able to meet with him for like a week but we got to see him Saturday and talk about baptism and he said that he knows that its what he wants to do! so we were obviously super pumped!! hes an awesome guy! 
We went on  an exchange with some elders in the zone. i was with Elder Holbrook, hes an awesome elder, got a fun personality. during the day we got a phone call from a number with an Oregon area code. We were confused cuz thats obviously not in our mission haha but we answered. turns out it was a missionary who recently finished his mission and was saying hi! haha it was a pleasant  surprise haha
So homer has moved to Utah :(  He will be missed a lot but i know he'll be happy out there! it was hard saying bye cuz he was like our 3rd companion. we got to have dinnner with him one last time with him and Cathy. Cathy is a recent convert who is the sweetest lady. she is always so positive and kind. but yeah, Homer is gone but itll be all good. thanks for all  yall do. i love love love being a missionary. i cant say it enough! have a blessed week!! 

Elder Johnson 

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