Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Holy Conference!! #Happy Easter

We had so many things happen this past week! this past transfer flew by like crazy!!! i blinked and it was gone!! haha 
We had a mission leadership meeting in Charleston, i loved being able to see president and sister Salisbury. they have soo much insight and bless our lives. We always learn so much from them! 
when we got home and saw our neighbor moving an old desk down her driveway. she we went over and helped her, shared the #BecauseHeLives pass along card with her and she wants to meet with us! she asked some cool questions about the temple and such. the Lord is preparing people! 
Huge shout out to Mama Johnson for sending the Roanoke zone some leis! Everyone loved them! they made it fun. Conference was amazing! im tellin ya, its the missionary super bowl! i dont know if i could pick a favorite talk but i really enjoyed Sunday morning session. isent it great to having living apostles and prophets?! good  stuff. We had some investigators come Sunday, and gave them a church tour! its always funny to see peoples reactions to seeing the cultural hall. i never thought it different to have a full sized basketball court in the middle of the church building cuz ive grown up with it haha. 
We had a humble Easter lunch with Homer, chili hot dogs with lemonade and chips haha. it was nice. Homer is like our 3rd companion, he comes out with us all the time. things here in Roanoke are going so great! Elder Lopez and i get to stay together another transfer! i love being a missionary with a passion! it so fulfilling. this is the best 2 year for me for my life! i learn so much everyday, serve others and have fun while doing it. love yall!!! have a great week! do something fun in remembrance of me! 
Elder Johnson 

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