Monday, March 30, 2015

Conference Weekend! #Because He Lives!

Really cool highlight this week was last night! Parker Jacobs in my home ward served here in Roanoke! He had baptized sister Huffman here in Roanoke. i hadn't met her yet so we stopped by and talked to them and shared a message. theyre such cool people!! what small world! AND i found out that President Larry Johnson was a mission president here! so cool!
We got some pretty sick referrals this week! One of them texted us and said "when can i get baptized? and whats yalls significance of your baptism?" Really awesome!!! we met with him, he had been going to primary as a kid and really enjoyed and wants to have those happy feelings he had there all the time. thats the spirit my friends! haha 
Manny is progressing really well!! he wants whats best for his family and has a sincere desire to do good. you can see the spirit working with him. his wife has opened up to us and comes in more often for the lessons. we got to ride bikes for a couple days! it was really nice out. but these Virginia hills are unforgiving! ive had a car my whole mission so my legs felt like they were gunna fall off haha. we had a lot of fun though! the sisters (Sister Combs and Jackson) drove past us, laughed and took pics ahah. theyre fun. 
#BecauseHeLives is out! go watch it and bask in the awesomeness!!! share it with your peeps!! ill make it easy for ya, heres a link hahaha  --> 
love yall!! have a great week! happy Easter! 
Elder Johnson 

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