Monday, March 16, 2015

This place is about to blow up! #In more ways than one

first off, happy birthday to Cadence!! one of my most favorite humans to walk the earth. wish i could be with her on her special day!! What a week! Got a lot of good goin on here in the Roanoke area and zone! cant wait to see Elder Christoffereson this weekend! 
We had dinner with a member and the whole time i was thinking about how their 2 little boys were so much like me and Clarkis when we were kids! one was loud and always had something to say and everyone had to listen and the other was a little more shy and put his 2 cents in every one in a whle hahaha. you can imagine who was like who ;) haha
So this last week we had someone threaten to bomb the stake center where we meet for church! we were supposed to have a zone meeting on Friday but President Salisbury advised us not to, for obvious reasons haha. Everytime we went to the church, a cop would pull up within 10 seconds! they got the Lords church on a close watch! 
We had a meeting in Charleston for all the zone leaders and Sister Training leaders. There were 2 members of the missionary board there! they work with Elder Bednar! they trained us on how we can teach more effectively and use Preach My Gospel in a deeper way. It was soo powerful! Bro. Donaldson gave us some really good insight! got to see some of my missionary buddies! both the missionaries i trained were there! 
a member (Homer) took us to go eat at a place called Hollywoods. it wasent anything like the real thing haha. there was a less active lady who was there and bought our dinner !! and asked us to come see her! cool stuff! Manny came to church! After sacrament hes was really eager to get to sunday school. We are really excited for him and know good things are to come with him! Also are making good progress with with the crotts, an older couple. they are so welcoming and open! they always tel  Sister crotts sister came to visit in the middle of the lesson! so we gave them a restoration lesson using the pamphlet and they enjoyed it, the members testified with power and the sister said she would read the pamphlet. after she left bro. crotts said how she would normally never listen to missionaries! it was such an amazing lesson! 
well, love yall!! thanks for the support and love and especially the letters!! 
Love Elder Johnson 
ps, i love serving with Elder lopez!! 

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