Monday, March 23, 2015

A visit from an Apostle!!!

so elephant in the room, got to meet a member of the quorum of the twelve apostles!!!! the meeting was about to start and President Salisbury got up and said that he wanted to shake all our hands and know where we're from!! it was amazing!! i got to shake his hand!! we made eye contact for what felt like 15 minutes, it was more like 15 seconds haha. He spoke with such power. ill get right into the meat of it, so one thing he said that i really liked was "The Lords got our back, the rest is taken care of". how comforting! he went on to talk about how we all will face rejection and adversity but not to worry. how comforting! he also said "there's nothing that can defeat Him, or us while we stand with Him." we already know that Christ will be the victor. I love thinking about how we have all kinds of help seen and unseen. we need to be confident in the Lord and have faith in Him. This is His work, we just need to keep His pace.
Elder Chirstofferson mentioned how its rare that the whole mission gets together like we did. some random things that i thought we so cool of him, one he said that he has his wife look over his conference talks and critiques them, says he should add something, or take something out. how cool and humble! before he walked off the stand he looked at all of us, got a huge smile said "your all so great" then blew us a  kiss. hes such an amazing man! 
we had an amazing week! we were able to meet with Jamal ad his friend that he introduced us to, troy. they are soo cool! they cant believe that we're their same age haha. our lesson with them was so powerful!! they are really prepared and want Christ more in their lives. We also met with Chester the Jamaican man! he is the funniest!! he introduced us to his friend Austin and he wants to meet with us! manny is doing really well!!! he came to church the past 2 weeks! Hes excited to be baptized! his wife is also investigating! So many awesome things are happening here in the Noke! love it, love the people, love how much im learning! i can explain how much joy this work brings to my soul! i love it! love yall! 
Elder Johnson 

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