Monday, June 15, 2015

" I just wanted to hold your hand"

  What a wonderful time to be a missionary, especially here in the West Virginia Charleston mission. We had a great week! one big Highlight was being with Manny and Shayla. They are doing great!! Manny has been inviting his friends to church and inviting them to learn! Shayla has been turning to the Book of Mormon and, its great! We are always happy to see them because we know that the Spirit will be there and we'll have a good time! 
   We were visiting an older couple this week and as we were walking into the nursing home-like place this lady stopped us and asked us to sing her a song! haha so we sang " i am a child of God" after she grabbed my hand and said, "you look familiar.." do i?? i responded. she said, " no, i just wanted to hold your hand." hahahaha to funny! 
   Well i have to go, not to much time today, got a lot today but im loving missionary life and ove yall!!! 
Elder Johnson  

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