Monday, June 1, 2015

Word of the day:Abdicate

 This week i was really thankful for seminary! Thanks to the support of my amazing seminary teachers; especially Brother Barlow, Sister Olds and Sister Richardson. A couple times I was able to remember my scripture mastery scriptures and share them, AH YEAH! haha. It was sad to hear about the passing of Elder L  Tom Perry. He was an amazing man and influential apostle. Thank goodness for the plan of salvation and the knowledge we have of our families being forever! 
   Elder Millard are having such a blast together!! We are laughing pretty much all day. We have started learning a new word everyday and then use it throughout the day. its pretty awesome. We also have been working out hard core! Elder Millard was a pro gymnast so its pretty much been like training for the Olympics, i love it! 
   So we had had some amazing opportunities to be in the community and serve. We went to the Roanoke mayors office and set up an appointment to see him! We met with the community rep and he was really pumped to meet with us! He got our number and said he'd love to have us help out in the community! What a wonderful opportunity to find and teach! We put our number on a #BecauseOfHim pass along card and as we were wrapping up, we invited him to check out the video! I just love missionary work! 
   Manny and Shayla are doing so well. They have been coming to church consistently. He should be ready for baptism in the next few weeks!! They are such funny people, i love them! Nylaejah is doing well also. She is about to become a sister again! Benita is a wonderful Cuban lady that is returning to activity! Shes so kind and has a strong testimony; i love meeting with her! Shes had us for dinner, super good! I know Homer would've wished he was there for it haha. 
   We have MLC tomorrow! so yet another road trip up to Charleston!! Its always a blessing to be with President and Sister Salisbury! Roanoke is doing really well! #NokeOrNothin is what we say haha!  Its awesome to have Elder Yocom (one of the missionaries i trained)  here as a district leader in the zone! Hope yall have a blessed week! Love you! 
Elder Johnson 

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