Monday, June 8, 2015

Mini van for days

 So we got a new ride this past week! We got a Toyota Sienna! It had 16 miles on it when we picked it up at the mission office. We have been getting some funny looks, understandably because its some guys driving a mini van but we're basking in it. Pretty much the only time you'll see guys our age excited to get a mini van haha.  
   We had a pretty great week! We had MLC at the beginning of the week which was amazing as always. One of the things that was taught was how the atonement applies to the key indicators listed in Preach My Gospel. For example, a member present is someone who has experienced the power of the atonement, or a recent convert is someone who just experienced feeling the atonement fully. There were some other awesome things like that that helped me realize that I want a better understanding of the Atonement of Christ so I can teach with more power and authority.
   We had an exchange with the Rocky Mount elders, Elder Yocom serves there! He's one of the missionaries I trained! it was good to be with him again. We got a call the other day from the mayor of Roanoke himself! Hes said he wants to meet with us and the sister personally! so that should be really fun! Shayla and Manny are doing great! Shayla said she wants to be baptized!!!!!!!!!!!!! Im soo excited for them!!! She said that when we teach and she goes to church it feels right!! I love it!!! gets me so excited and want to teach all of Roanoke and baptize them! haha. We found a lot of new investigators this past week!! We were defiantly lead to them by Heavenly Father. one if them said, "I was just thinking about how I lost my mother, and yall come and bring me the good gospel news. It wasn't coincidence that you came here".
   I love missionary so much. I don't want it to end! Roanoke it doing really well. We get to see the Salisbury's on Wednesday! well love yall!1
Elder Johnson

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