Monday, December 15, 2014

Get to wear his name over my heart

What a week of AMAZING miracles! We have been having some really awesome things happen here in Covington. Its a great place filled with even greater people. The main highlight of this week was with Jodie and Logan. She has been working really hard to quit smoking so she can be baptized, and this past weekend she and Logan had some powerful experiences.
We had the stop smoking workshop lesson with her and brother Kevin Milburn. Kevin has recently (6 months ago) come home from a mission. We set her on date for January 31. she was hesitant so we asked her to pray about it and let us know the next morning how she felt. She called us in the morning and told us that she had a dream and was told by her father (who has passed on) that she needed to be baptized!! Were so pumped! At church she was having some pain and craving and asked for a blessing. After the blessing she looked at us and was like " what vudo did you do to me?!" she was joking hahaha, but she got a teary eyed and said i feel tingly inside, a good feeling. We explained that it was the Spirit. It was amazing. AND  Logan who dosent ever wanna pray because he is shy, asked to say the closing prayer in class at church!!! it was such a pure prayer. 
    We went over last night cuz she wanted us to take the rest of the cigs that she had and all her coffee and stuff to make it. So we crushed everything and tossed it! #NoRegrets. She also told us that she has no desire to smoke anymore, cleaned her house and Logan is nagging her about not smoking s we're excited! She wants to be baptized on Jan. 1 now! its possible if she quits!   
    In other exciting news, i got to meet Darce Hayes, one of our Sassy, soul filled gators. She loves Jesus and loves to let us know! hahaha i love her, shes probably 75, black. We gave her a large print Book of Mormon so she can read it. 
    Its weird being away from home and not doing all the Christmas traditions with the family and friends, but i love it here. Its special to be able to represent Christ, who the season is all about. Get to wear his name over my heart. I cant wait to skype the family! I hope all yall with missionaries out have a most wonderful Christmas and enjoy talking with them. Love yall so much and truly appreciate all yall do. Have a great week!! 

   Elder Johnson 

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