Monday, December 29, 2014

This year has gone by way too fast!

 It was such a great Christmas! Christmas eve we took people plates of random desserts. We stopped by to give one to the Tucker family. she opened the door and had us come right in and took our jackets and just went in the kitchen and started making us food! hahaha the Lockhart family had us over for Christmas breakfast and skype! they are a great family, made us feel right at home! we were well taken care of.  Talking with the family was the best Christmas present ever!! its funny how much my siblings have changed, especially Cadence! my parents didnt change much, looking 10 years younger than they are as usual haha. 
     We stopped by to see Darce hayes again, and my favorite part of that visit was her telling us how church should be. We need to be making joyful noises and yelling "Praise Jesus!!" and clapping our hands! haha. Shes awesome. 
      Tim came to church yesterday!!!!! i wondered how he would react to the service because its really different to what hes used to. i said a prayer in hopes that he'd enjoy it. before and after the 3rd hour he was going on about how comfortable, calm and welcomed he felt! he said he felt warm and like he was meant to be there. After he said that 6-7 people told him they were glad to see him and to come back haha. i explained that he was feeling the spirit and he smiled and agreed and said he wants to bring his family. As we (a member drove him with us ) were taking him home he started asking about baptism and how it works! How cool is that!? 
    New years comin up, and so is my hump day! (year mark). this year has gone by way to fast! Ive grown soo much this year. ive learned a lot about myself and even more importantly about my Savior Jesus Christ. I love yall!! have a happy new year! 

                              Love, Elder Johnson 

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