Monday, December 8, 2014

Where have you guys been!?

Fresh new start here in Covington with Elder Anderton. the change was hard, a lot of very hard goodbyes BUT i know that the Lord has a plan in store for me here. We live in an older 2 story home. small but i like it a lot. The first members from the branch that i met were the tuckers. They asked us to help them clean  the church, in turn they would take us out to dinner! so what Elder would say no to that?! they are great people! really funny to. They also had us over for the First Presidency devotional. That was very powerful, the spirit was very strong. 
The covington area has soo much potential and such great things are happening here! We already found 4 new investigators and 2 families who said we could come back! Rob and Kim were moving and previous missionaries had helped them. We stopped by to see how they settled in. we got to talking and they are interested in learning! we never know the ripple effect that we have! simple service could go a long way! The other night we were pondering on who needed a visit from us. Looked in the area book and found a Regina and Justin close by. They opened the door and she was like "Where have you guys been!? " invited us in! we watched the Hes the Gift video and they love it! it touched my heart to see the young family gathered around watching it and could see that they felt " something". 
We have a gator who is solid! Jody and her son Logan, who is 11. They are ready for baptism but Jody is trying to quit smoking and is close! the branch is helping her out. Shes such a great lady, had been through a lot but dosent let it get her down. Shes also a fireball! she wont take no crap, to put it bluntly haha. Theyve been comin to church, and know the church is true! sometimes agency just sucks! i just want people to realize how much this can bless their lives! but satan comes along and ruins it -_- BUT we know what the winning team is so what jersey are you wearing? 
I cant wait for Christmas! itll be hard to be away from family and friends but 2 years away from my family, so others can have theirs for eternity; makes it worth it. i love being a missionary so much. Please, if you  havent watched Hes The Girft, watch it! dont be fraid to share the gospel.  Thanks for all the support and prayers! they mean the world to me. love yall! 

Elder Johnson

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