Monday, December 22, 2014

MeRrY ChRiStMaS!

man, what a time of year! Everyone is so happy and excited and nice! it should be like this all year round! its so great being a missionary and talk about the true meaning of Christmas with people! especially being able to represent Him who the Christmas season is all about! Using the #HeTheGift pass along card has been soo helpful, AND successful! 
Well things have been going good with Jodie and Logan. She is really working to be baptized and i know it is gunna happen. Satan is working hard but he wont win! 
We had a GREAT lesson with Timothy! we brought Bro Wilkins with us and they were able to connect so well! Bro Wilkns used to be baptist and have the same concerns that tim has, before he got baptized! tims wife sat in with us, which she didnt do before! theyre both excited to come to church. Tim was saying that "something" inside him is telling him that this is the right path for him! Ahh, gotta love the when the spirit works with people like that. 
had my first district meeting as a district leader on Wednesday! i think it went well! there is a senior couple in the district, theyre awesome! the whole district is great! its not as scary as i made my self think it was. i love being able to serve others and learn more about myself and how to be a better Preach My Gospel missionary. 
The branch president has this huge mansion that they made a bed and breakfast. they had a high priest party there on this past week, it was a lot of fun! i was scared that i was gunna mess up or break something haha. We  went over again this weekend to help them rake up leaves. there were soooo ,many, but we had a good time! 
have a merry Christmas! I appreciate the packages, letters and emails! love yall so much!! 

Elder Johnson 

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